Green Hippo Partner

Pufferfish are delighted to announce a new partnership with Green Hippo, a thoroughly brilliant bunch of like-minds, intent on delivering stunning, user-friendly AV solutions through their Hippotizer Media Servers, the world's de-facto choice for real-time video playback.

By developing a free 'Pufferizer' plug-in, Green Hippo have opened up a second route to spherical content production, allowing for realtime 'spherising' of any type of content, in addition to our existing pre-rendering option. The Hippotizer offers up to four separate live video feeds, syncing with all AV industry protocols, and many advanced VJ solutions. The Pufferizer plug-in completes Pufferfish's content offering, providing total flexibility in the development and integration of all types of media. With this in mind, Pufferfish recommend the Hippotizer as their preferred realtime solution, allowing users to create awesome spherical displays at the click of a button.


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