National Oceanography Centre

Pufferfish dusted off their buckets and spades, piled in to the Puffervan and headed for the balmy climes of the south coast and the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton.

The NOC's annual Ocean and Earth Day offers the public a chance to meet those at the forefront of oceanographic research, explore the various technology involved in gathering oceanographic data and, most importantly, develop their understanding of how the changes ongoing in the world's ocean affect us all on dry land.

The PufferSphere was used to display the complex datasets developed by Dr Andrew Coward in an engaging and easily understood manner. Allowing visitors and researchers alike to see the models played out around a glowing 2m digital globe, the tactile PufferSphere brought the data to life in such a way that young and old, experts and novices could better grasp the processes at work under the surface of our blue planet.

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