Pufferfish and Massteknik: Scandinavian Spheres

Pufferfish are delighted to welcome the world-renowned AV logisticians Massteknik (now Mediatec) to the world of portable spherical video-displays. Massteknik added the PufferSphere XLs to their impressive fleet of video-trailers and large scale screens, and set them straight to work at their AV showcases in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Massteknik clients from across the region soaked up the rays from the assembled AV goodies, the PufferSpheres proving an engaging attraction unique for their complete lack of corners. This set them quite apart from the other screens, even the four giant LED screens, which had to be dimmed in the interests of safety after complaints from Stockholm airport that the pilots of passing planes were being distracted (no, really)!

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