Pufferfish Inspace

Pufferfish are delighted to be working in partnership with an established
world-class informatics institute and brand new public engagement lab,
Inspace, right in our home town of Edinburgh.

The UoE has a PufferSphere XL with interchangeable inflatable and HardBall
screens, as well as an Interactive Module SDK. This comprehensive set-up
offers teachers, researchers and students the full flexibility of the modular
XL system, allowing them creative freedom in developing and deploying new
applications and systems involving digital video spheres. The scope of
planned R&D includes work on real-time 360 degree video content; reactive
art installations; audience monitoring, interaction and behaviour;
distributed workspaces; and artificial intelligence. The School's partners
include NASA, MIT and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Read more here and here.

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