Ogilvy showcase PufferSphere M

Pufferfish teamed up with Ogilvy, the global creative agency, to introduce leading brands to the potential of the PufferSphere M. The PufferSphere M has been on show at the Ogilvy London office in partnership with Ogilvy’s Digital Innovation Lab, and last week joined the Ogilvy stand at the Media Pro trade show.

Ogilvy Digital Labs have been focusing on the possibilities the displays present for the up-coming London Olympics.  Business Director Joo Teoh is a firm advocate, "London needs PufferSpheres all over the city during the Olympics. With multi-touch functionality and online content, these will be the most engaging and fun pieces for visitors and Londoners. I would certainly recommend brands to explore the powerful potential of these units."

Nicole Yershon, Director of Innovative Solutions at Ogilvy, was equally enthusiastic, “It catches your attention much more than a flat screen and is extremely robust. There's so much opportunity, whether it be for exhibiting at conferences, in receptions or used within the experiential and activation space.”

Pufferfish would like to thank all at Ogilvy and Ogilvy Digital Innovation Lab for their support, and look forward to working with them to realise the potential that has been identified so far.

You can see our video of the PufferSphere M at Ogilvy here

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