Royal Scottish Geographical Society

The Royal Scottish Geographical Society were looking for an engaging central feature for their new Education and Information Centre in Perth and the PufferSphere was the intuitive choice as a flexible digital medium with a magnetism and shape ideally suited to the visualization of geographical data.  The Centre, unique in Britain, is the biggest project that RSGS have ever been involved in and is housed in the Fair Maid's House - an architectural gem in the centre of Perth, the geographical heart of Scotland.  The PufferSphere M 900 display takes pride of place in the centre of the space designed by StudioArc, with opening content stories displaying the formation of the continents, sea temperatures, global population growth and the blue marble of earth as seen from space.  With such a rich range of enthusiastic geographers at the disposal of the society, there is no doubt that the flexibility of the PufferSphere will be well exercised in future, keeping the exhibition fresh and offering researchers and academics the chance to show the fruits of their own research on the sphere. Many thanks to the teams at RSGS, StudioArc and Derek Kemp at DKAV for making this all possible.

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