Turing Festival 2011

Pufferfish are excited to have been part of the inaugural Turing Festival in our home town of Edinburgh. A PufferSphere M 600 was on hand at the three day event, delivering branding, running orders and even live twitter feeds, capturing the trending #tfest hashtag and taking the buoyant mood of the delegates.

Hear what Pirate Bay co-founder and Flattr founder Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi (pictured with the PufferSphere)  has to say about the event:


The festival is for entrepreneurs, developers, managers, creative thinkers, geeks, technologists and evangelists to discuss, debate, learn and predict the future of the web. Running alongside the world renowned Edinburgh International Festival and Guardian Media Festival, the Turing Festival offered a weekend of interactive gatherings and conferences which saw the great and good of the digital revolution gather to swap ideas and offer their own answers on the future direction of the internet.

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