Music of the Spheres

ISE 2012 saw Pufferfish preview our new multi-touch PufferSphere M with integrated audio system on the Projection Design stand. The display featured several different applications including a multi-touch globe, some playful branding for our hosts, and, most popular of all, a spherical tenori.

The spherical step-sequencer allowed multiple users to trigger a variety of percussion and chord sounds, building a communal tune through this playful application of the technology. Users could pause the rotation of the sphere, and thus the playback, or simply select a given beat or note as it scrolled past them. When activated the "keys" of the tenori became highlighted and the sound played immediately on touching, and then again as it passed through the playhead.

You can see a quick preview video below, and watch out for longer videos including the on-sphere audio in the coming weeks.

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