Be Hospit-a-ball

Spending thousands on a corporate event to entice new customers, engage with current clients or boost overall profile has become the norm for many companies. The question is how do you make all that expense really count on the night when you’re keeping up with the industry Jones’s?

Pufferfish are no strangers to being asked to contribute to all manner of events, parties and corporate shindigs. So what are the big things that clients are looking to achieve with our PufferSphere? Firstly and most obviously they are looking to create a strong focal point, and the PufferSphere in all its forms certainly provides something stunning to set-off an event space.  But it offers something more than that. As a flexible digital medium the PufferSphere can be customised to any event, using tailor made content clients can promote core messages, play promotional videos or simply mesmerise their audience with an exciting themed platform.

With the increasing pull to utilise social media and promote interactivity, the PufferSphere also has plenty to offer those wanting to stretch the reach of their event beyond the big night. Running tweets or RSS feeds on to the sphere offers a great way to prompt guests to co-promote the event through their own social networks, boosting the online buzz. The fact that the PufferSpheres are universally photogenic serves to further enhance the currency of social media messages, with guests pushing out pictures carrying the event branding and message of their own accord.

Recent introductions to the PufferSphere range offer on-sphere interactivity, with multi-touch applications turning the spheres from passive decoration into memorable communal activities, giving guests a chance to play and create through a brand experience.

With the right idea and some careful planning it’s easy to create something that ticks all the boxes, lending itself to theme and dressing, branding activity and promoting strong social media reach.

Click on the photo to see how others have harnessed the PufferSpheres to make their event stick in the mind.

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