Oscar Night

And the Oscar for Best Spherical Installation on a TV set goes to Alter3Sesenta! If you happened to be watching the Canal+ coverage of the Oscars in Spain then you would have noticed not one but five PufferSpheres gracing the set. The major Spanish broadcaster needed something to outshine the Hollywood stars for the 84th Academy Awards and Pufferfish’s Spanish partners Alter3Sesenta were quick to provide a stunning solution.

The studio was decked out with three suspended PufferSphere XL 1600 units, which were complimented around the set by both a PufferSphere M900 and an M600. The end result was as close to a Camera man’s dream as you are ever likely to get; a set of 3d video objects at every angle and height to pan, zoom and jibe around throughout the course of the mammoth awards evening. But you shouldn’t just take our word for it; check out the photos and videos from the boys at Alter3Sesenta to see how it should be done.

Well done Juan and Rene, we could almost forgive you for moving back to sunny Madrid and leaving us all here in a considerably cooler Edinburgh!

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