Pufferfish Create Waves with Pelamis

It's been great to support the brilliant local company Pelamis at the RenewableUK show, we will let their marketing coordinator do the rest of the talking…

“We used the PufferSphere M at this year’s RenewableUK Wave & Tidal conference and exhibition and it was, in a word, brilliant. Describing how our Pelamis machines work to exhibition attendees can be difficult – it’s a simple concept but can be hard to visualise, so we often find that once anyone sees a video of the machines in operation the whole concept becomes much clearer. In the past we’ve used projectors or screens to display Pelamis footage. But this time, the PufferSphere created such a bold first impression we found people coming to our stand just to watch the video. The Pufferfish team incorporated footage of the machines operating and under construction as well as animated sequences, interspersed with occasional use of our logo and footage of waves to create a bold and striking sequence. Because people were so interested in the novelty of the Puffersphere, they took the time to watch the video and therefore gain an understanding of our technology, and as a result the conversations we had with exhibition attendees avoided the basics and got straight to the interesting, exciting and relevant subjects.

From a practical standpoint, the PufferSphere was actually quicker to set up and dismantle than our display stand usually is! It’s been a real pleasure to work with Pufferfish, particularly since they’re another Edinburgh based company, and it’s great to see Scottish innovation in action once more.”

Deborah Smith – Pelamis Marketing Coordinator

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