Pufferfish 'Mix with the Best'

Levitating food, bioluminescent lollipops, science fiction cocktails and saturn behind the bar...

When Pufferfish were approached to be part of an event billed as 'A Culinary Odyssey' we of course jumped at the chance. Up against some attention grabbing competition which included a rum cola cloud chamber and eye catching cocktails, the PufferSphere XL had its work cut out to steal the show this time.

Nevertheless, working with top event designer Rhea Thierstein, the PufferSphere managed to pull it off and impress the assembled guests at the KitchenAidUK party which was celebrating the launch of their new bowl lift stand mixer. Designed as a planet the PufferSphere was positioned above the bar in a sci-fi themed setting and received its fair share of compliments from marvelling onlookers.

Congratulations to Rhea and the other adventurers and thanks for the phosphorescent lollipops!

Click on the photo to see more.

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