Audi Spheres

Iconic automotive innovators Audi have brought out their crystal ball and are letting the technology do the talking in their futuristic Audi Spheres installation in Denmark.

Open until the 5th of August, the three large spheres are set in front of the Danish Parliament buildings in Copenhagen and represent an extension of Audi’s new digital showroom concept; which will see the car manufacturer open 20 futuristic showrooms over the next few years offering augmented reality and virtual test drives to customers. The three week long installation in Copenhagen is a glimpse of the role technology may play in the showrooms of the future.

Conceived by KMS Blackspace and SCHMIDHUBER, working with Danish interactive design specialists Kollision and AV experts Creative Technology, Audi set out to show off their future brand ambitions through a high profile experiential marketing installation. Filling three giant spheres with a range of interactive and futuristic technology which included augmented reality video pads, giant video walls and concept cars, each sphere represented one of Audi’s future brand priorities; lightweight design, electric cars and their impact on the environment.

Amongst other technological delights within the spheres, visitors were met with another smaller sphere, this one an interactive spherical screen from Pufferfish. Designers deployed the digital palantir as a control screen to cue and control video content mapped to the inside surface of the main spherical structure.

Users negotiated a universe of constellations, each triggering a different showreel on the curved wall in front of them. As a 3D object, the PufferSphere represents a unique balance between a screen medium and sculpture, enticing guests to approach, engage with the core messages and ultimately shape the content of the environment surrounding them.

With a steady flow of footfall through the installation, it seems Audi are equally adept at successfully applying their famous adage “vorsprung durch technic” in the sphere of experiential marketing, as well as in their cars.

Thanks to our German partners Satis & Fy for supplying the hardware and making the installation possible.

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