Magnum Infinity - Sensory Pod

Ever wondered just how much you enjoy eating ice cream? Well thanks to a clever project from Jotta, you need wonder no more…

Launching the new ‘Magnum Infinity’ Ice Cream, a team of creative gurus from Jotta, along with some help from Pufferfish, pushed the boundaries of experiential marketing and in doing so delivered one of the quirkiest events you are likely to see associated with an ice cream.

With Jotta having deployed a slick ‘sensory pod’, visitors were gifted a new Magnum by waiters and invited to eat their yummy ice cream in an enclosed capsule whilst connected to a series of pleasure sensors. Taking care of the science Jotta explain how the pod worked:

“Eating their ice cream whilst connected to an array of bio sensing equipment, the sensors registered the participant’s experiences through their body markers, including skin tension, facial expression, swallowing and heart palpations.”

The results from these sensors then triggered generative visualisations from a specially integrated projector and Pufferfish SuperUmami lens, creating a colourful mindscape in the interior of the pod, providing a personalised brain-driven immersive visualisation of just how much pleasure their ice-cream was giving them!

Always fans of the quirkier side of science, Pufferfish would like to thank Jotta for asking them to be part of their brainy project and helping them create this truly unique marketing experience. Beginning its journey in Italy, the pod is planned to appear all over Europe to demonstrate to the continent at large just how pleasurable eating a magnum can be.

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