Badoo Hook Up With Pufferfish

Difficult as finding a job is for graduates these days, if you attended the recent Silicon Milkroundabout job fair in London’s east end then you will know that this obviously doesn't apply to the start-up industry…

A two day event designed to match expanding start-ups with technical employees, the event saw dozens of companies searching out and courting the most talented graduates.

Working with event designers, Icon Presentations, and one of the world’s fastest growing social networks Badoo, we aimed to add something special, eye catching and alluring to the event.

Providing a PufferSphere M unit with some flashy logo animations, it wasn't long until the Badoo stand was busy with a throng of prospective employees.

Special thanks go to Icon Presentations and Badoo for having us along to the event, check out the photos above to see more.

Kit List: PufferSphere M600

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