Bank Negara Malaysia

Fresh after completing one museum installation on our doorstep, our next job could hardly have been further away. Hopping on a plane and flying across the world we swapped Edinburgh for Kuala Lumpur to install our first tablet controlled permanent display.

The client this time was Bank Negara Malaysia, the Central Bank of Malaysia, who have recently designed and built a museum and art gallery within their new headquarters. Looking for a museum piece equally as exciting and intriguing as their new building, they came across Pufferfish and were interested to know what we could provide for their space.

Bank National Negara from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

The Bank wanted to create an intuitive global visulisation allowing visitors to explore the world of Islamic Finance. The system should invite users to navigate the globe themselves via a touch screen display. The software must also be updatable, allowing the Bank to add new points of interest and stories to keep the display current.   Utilising a bespoke 1.5m HardBall sphere coupled with an iPad and audio system, we proposed hanging a PufferSphere M system from the ceiling in the centre of the room – creating the impression of a floating planet.

Placed in the Islamic Finance Gallery, the floating sphere was transformed from passive video player into an interactive exhibit via the iPad control. Users can rotate the globe by simply moving their finger across the flat map displayed on the iPad, and can select hotspots which trigger full sphere video focuses on specific regions, allowing them to explore areas of the world where Islamic Finance operates.

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Kit List: Customised PufferSphere M HardBall 1.5m

More Info: Museum & Visitor Attractions Brochure

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