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We’re no strangers to getting on planes, and we’re lucky enough for our work to take us around the world, but even with all of this travel, the world of private jets remained untouched territory up until now…

Working with aviation maestros Embraer Executive Jets, globally headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, we can now claim that Pufferfish has very much touched the industry, or more accurately, that the industry has touched Pufferfish.

Seeking an intuitive format to demonstrate to clients the range circles and capabilities of their jets, Embraer Executive Jets asked Pufferfish to design and build an interactive application which would not only grab attention in a busy trade show hall, but also change the way that their clients viewed their range data.

Embraer from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

Using a PufferSphere M600 interactive unit, users are able to interact with a branded digital globe. Free to spin on any axis, the user is then able to touch one of 20 points located at major cities around the world and in doing so call up a menu displaying the seven executive jets Embraer Executive Jets has to offer.

Once the user selects their jet of choice, a calculated range circle develops from the city chosen detailing just how far you can fly. A multi-layered design of the application enables a user to select and review all seven range circles from their chosen cities helping them visualise and understand the capabilities of the Embraer Executive Jets aircraft.

Not simply a trade show tool, in its down time the sphere is made to work just as hard as one of the jets it sells. Placed in the marketing suite of the Florida headquarters, the PufferSphere is a digital ambassador for the Embraer Executive Jets brand providing the same qualities in HQ as it does out on the road.

Check out the photos and video to see more..

Kit List: PufferSphere M600 Interactive

More Info: Trade Shows Brochure

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