Festive Fun at Mistletoe 2012

Nothing gets you into the festive spirit more than a good Christmas party and you don’t get many better parties than those organised by a committee of the UK’s finest event planners, organisers and coordinators!

Following on from the Eventia Awards in London we thought we would show something different at the recent ISES (International Special Events Soceity) Mistletoe industry bash. Turning two PufferSphere M units into TwitterSpheres, the displays were transformed from video balls into social media beacons.

TwitterSphere - ISES Mistletoe 2012 from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

Translating the online chatter from both the Mistletoe attendees and absent industry friends into real time event buzz, the spheres looked right at home in the trendy surroundings of London’s Tobacco Dock.

Thanks to all of the event experts at ISES for organising a fantastic evening and for all of the busy tweeters on the night!

Kit List: 2X PufferSphere M600

More Info: Special Events Brochure

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