Global Defence with DCNS

When you can create an interactive digital world, then the real world becomes your oyster. At least that’s what we felt when we jetted into stylish Paris to work with naval defence experts DCNS.

Using our PufferSphere M600 display to create a digital interactive globe, DCNS invited users to explore touch points around the globe calling up data on the vessels, facilities and personnel present in each region. Giving guests the opportunity to gain their own understanding of the scale and scope of DCNS’s global operations, each hotspot opened up a browseable cover-flow, inviting guests to discover the company’s global reach.

DCNS from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

Few visitors to the stand could resist reaching out and touching the sphere to see what it would do, with the magnetic nature of the display as an object leading them onward to discover services and products whilst rewarding their natural curiosity!

Thanks to our ever brilliant German partners Satis&Fy for providing the sphere and to Empriente Digitale for commissioning the application on behalf of DCNS.

Check out the photos and video to see more…

Kit List: PufferSphere M600 Interactive

More Info: Trade Shows Brochure

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