Sony Goes Spherical for Launch Party

Sony knew that launching a gadget fit for James Bond could only be done in a setting which befitted the suave lifestyle of the international spy himself...

Hosted in the exclusive surroundings of the Box nightclub in the heart of London’s Soho, Sony created a party where even 007 wouldn’t have looked out of place; a fitting atmosphere to launch their brand new Xperia T smartphone which Bond uses in his latest outing fighting the world's terrorists in Skyfall.

Central to the theme was an interactive 1.6m PufferSphere XL. Placed in the middle of the club, the display invited guests to engage with promotional content being played on the sphere, effectively augmenting the video.

Sony Xperia T Launch from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

As the evening evolved guests soon discovered that a touch on the display generated an animated musical instrument at their fingertips. Users could then playfully augment the existing promo video by throwing a selection of instruments around the sphere until they eventually faded away; adding a magical element to what was already an eye catching centre of the event.

The use of an interactive layer above a video is a first for Pufferfish and opens up new opportunities for brands to allow the public to generate novel and exclusive content whilst maintaining core branding.

By the end of the evening the cautious approach to handling the display had long since disappeared almost as quickly as the free drinks from the bar; however the PufferSphere proved its durability and playful nature by withstanding a queue of excited guests who were eager to fondle the ‘magic ball’.

Big thanks to the design team at Jotta for having us along and Sony for the amazing event.

Kit List: PufferSphere XL 1.6m Interactive

More Info: Special Events Brochure

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