Intel Future Showcase

Teaming up once more with the creative gurus from Jotta, we were tasked with adding a spherical dimension to the recent ‘Intel Future Showcase’ event taking place in the heart of London.

Placed in the entrance to the gallery, an inflatable PufferSphere XL greeted excited members of the press who were keen to get a look at Intel’s latest and greatest innovations.

A glimpse into tomorrow’s world, the technology on show from Intel ranged from ‘magic mirrors’ which allow users to try on clothes in the virtual world to innovative new headlights for cars that aim to make rain invisible to the eye whilst driving.

All in all, a great event demonstrating the exciting developments coming from the clever people at Intel. Thanks once again go to the team at Jotta for having us along and for supplying the photos.

Click on the photo to see more.

Kit List: PufferSphere XL 1.6m

More Info: Special Events Brochure

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