PufferFamily Gets Bigger

We have been busy little Puffers over the last few months, racking up air miles, jet lag and passport stamps as we continue our quest to bring spherical displays to the world! Always looking to add to our list of partners, we are delighted to announce a new arrival to the Pufferfish family...

Based in Auckland, New Zealand; ‘The Production Co.’ have recently taken stock of a PufferSphere XL display and have immediately gone to work treating the Southern Hemisphere to some spherical visuals.

ProdCo Puffersphere from The Production Co. on Vimeo.

Great to have the team from New Zealand on board, we look forward to seeing the PufferSphere featured in more events and productions soon! For more information check out their website.

The Production Co. Puffersphere at the AUT Careers Expo Stand from The Production Co. on Vimeo.

Kit List: PufferSphere XL 2m

More Info: Special Events Brochure

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