Better Business With EE

Our PufferSpheres have once again been busy over the past few months, earning their keep through a packed schedule of events and demos. This time it was telecoms giant EE who transformed a PufferSphere M600 display into an interactive brand portal.

Using a multi-buttons application, six standard format marketing videos were loaded into an animated reel which wrapped around the sphere. Visitors at events in both London and Leeds were then invited to select one of the videos and use a set of headphones to learn more about what 4G EE could do for their business.

EE from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

Building custom enclosures for the events, the team at Pufferfish worked closely with event and brand experts Communique Live to ensure that the display was transformed into an interactive portal fit for its setting.

After two successful events, we were thrilled to hear that the team at EE were so pleased with the display that they used it once more at the Telegraph Festival of Business event in London the following week.

With a very pleased end client, we would like to give a special thanks to the team at Communique Live who organised our involvement in the whole event.

Kit List: PufferSphere M600 Interactive
More Info: Special Events Brochure

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