Enchanted Forest

For the past 11 years, a team of lighting designers and technical experts have been transforming a small forest on the outskirts of Pitlochry into what has been voted Scotland’s best cultural event. Known as ‘The Enchanted Forest’, we are delighted to say that we played a part in wowing over 40,000 visitors throughout the three week run of the renowned 2013 light show.

Working once again with the team from NL Productions and DM Audio, as well as the award winning designers of The Enchanted Forest, we were excited to plan and design the involvement of two interactive PufferSphere M600 displays at the popular outdoor light and sound experience.

Using the displays as interactive control points, a user’s touch on the sphere triggered one of six light and audio sources surrounding each display. Dragging a finger vertically on the sphere altered the colour of the lights illuminating trees withing the forest, corresponding to the multi-coloured PufferSphere whilst also influencing the audio track being played.

Enchanted from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

A challenging programming task on its own, the task was made more complex when we factored in that the equipment would need to remain exposed in a forest for three weeks, whilst unprotected to the often harsh conditions of a Scottish Autumn. The weather proved no match to our clever all weather engineering and set design though, with the displays operating perfectly for the whole month.

Not content with simply having two interactive spheres at the party, our clever head of content, Tim, put his skills to use by both animating and then projection mapping a story on to a contoured hillside.

An outstanding job by everyone involved, Faskally Woods were once again transformed into a dramatic and emotion evoking scene for the month of October. A resounding success, we would like to thank the team at NL Productions, DM Audio and Enchanted Forest for both inviting us to be a part of the project and their help in making the debut of the PufferSpheres a success.

Kit List: 2 x PufferSphere M600 Interactive
More Information: Special Events Brochure

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