Escher Museum

Celebrating the life and works of the iconic Dutch artist M.C. Escher, the ‘Escher in het Paleis’ museum in The Hague is a treasure trove of drawings, carvings and interactive experiences all focused around the often mathematical inspired impossible structures and scenes which Escher is famous for.

Consistent with the theme, an interactive PufferSphere M display adds a new perspective to the museum, allowing visitors to explore a hidden world of floating islands through wiping away Escher inspired wormholes on the surface of the sphere.

Escher Museum from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

A real pleasure to be able to contribute to the museum of such an iconic and renowned artist, Pufferfish were delighted that our display was deemed worthy of being a centerpiece amongst an array of mind bending art and design.

Kit ListInteractive PufferSphere M600
More Information: Museum & Visitor Attractions Brochure

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