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Although based in Edinburgh, working in Scotland is still a relatively rare treat for the PufferTeam, with our projection spheres regularly taking us thousands of miles across the globe. Recently though, we were excited to buck the trend and add our Puffer-Touch a bit closer to home!

When local visitor attraction ‘Our Dynamic Earth’ got in touch to ask about using a PufferSphere in their new exhibition, we got very excited about adding another spherical element to the streets of Edinburgh.

Developing a new exhibition celebrating the work of renowned Scottish geologist, James Hutton (who is commonly viewed as the father of modern geology), Our Dynamic Earth underwent a £1 million renovation to introduce a brand new gallery packed with exciting and informative exhibits.

As a centerpiece, a high resolution PufferSphere 1.2m hangs from the ceiling, telling the geological story of Earth from the formation of continents as we know them through to the cause of earthquakes and volcanoes.

Our Dynamic Earth from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

Aptly sitting at the foot of an extinct volcano, the exhibition is a stone’s throw away from the crags, where in 1785, Hutton carried out his research and shared his findings, which still stand true to this day.

Our Dynamic Earth - 1.2m PufferSphere

A fantastic exhibition, we are very proud that our PufferSphere is used to educate and excite audiences on exactly the same theories that Hutton discovered over 200 years ago and we would encourage anyone in Edinburgh to pay a visit.

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Kit List:High Resolution PufferSphere 1.2m

More Information: Museum & Visitor Attractions Brochure

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