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Joining titans of industry as well as the elite of the political world, an interactive PufferSphere was used by Ernst & Young at yesterday’s CBI Annual Conference to convey their business insight and research in a fresh and engaging format.

An important date within the UK business calendar, the annual CBI conference provides an opportunity for the great and the good of business and politics to come together and discuss the challenges and opportunities of operating in the global market.

As Strategic Partners, Ernst & Young had the opportunity to showcase their expertise and insight into the market with everyone from visiting dignitaries such as the Prime Minister to the assembled British business media in attendance.

Using an interactive PufferSphere M600, attendees at the conference were encouraged to explore topic areas by triggering videos based on key themes such as ‘Re-balancing the Economy’ and ‘Inward Investment’.

Very proud to have been involved in such a prestigious event, we were thrilled that our interactive PufferSphere got a great reaction from the conference attendees and provided some eye candy for social media as well.

Thanks go to the excellent team at Corporate Events for organising the event.

Kit List: High Resolution Interactive PufferSphere M600

More Information: Special Events Brochure

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