Burning Man 2014

Always pleased to be invited to a party, our PufferSpheres have been asked to everything from black tie dinners on our doorstep to music festivals and corporate product launches on the other side of the world. Each event brings its own excitement, its own pressures and its own fun, but nothing quite compares to our latest invitation to Burning Man.

World famous for being an ‘experiment in community art’, Burning Man festival takes place in the middle of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert and sees over 65,000 people co-exist in elaborately built camps and entertainment arenas for 7 days in late August.

Burning Man 2014 from Pufferfish on Vimeo.

Initially hesitant to recommend using a PufferSphere in such a harsh environment, it was only after speaking to our latest PufferPartner and Burning Man aficionado, Travis Holm, that we knew he was the perfect partner to rise to the challenge of dust and dessert proofing an interactive PufferSphere XL.

Joining Travis and 65,000 other ‘Burners’ was one lucky member of the PufferTeam who helped rig the sphere as part of a 1980’s themed nightclub in the ‘Planet Earth’ camp. Fitting in perfectly amongst an array of sculptures, art cars and elaborate entertainment venues; the interactive sphere added to an already other worldly setting.

Thrilled to not only welcome a new American PufferPartner to the family, but also to have become ‘Burners’ for a week, huge thanks go to Travis and the team at Ouroboros Sphere for bringing Pufferfish to Burning Man.

Now offering rental of an interactive PufferSphere XL from their base in Los Angles, we look forward to seeing more exciting projects from Ouroboros Sphere soon.

Kit List: Interactive PufferSphere XL

More Information: Special Events Brochure

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