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Moving to a new home in their Dublin campus, the Inside Sales team at IBM took delivery of an interactive PufferSphere M760 which was joined by the best and brightest minds employed from all over Europe in a truly futuristic setting.

The brand new building is designed to transform the IBM sales process and is home to a huge digital focused sales team from 21 countries across Europe. Bringing experts from across Europe under one roof; teams working in 19 different languages look to guide and advise clients through the ever changing environment of digital technology, social media and video conferencing.

A new building for a new age in technology, IBM have created an engaging interactive hub in the middle of their vast sales centre. Adding to an already impressive collection of interactive touch tables, enormous video walls and state of the art conferencing suites; an Interactive PufferSphere M760 forms a striking centerpiece to the technological hub, something which the team at IBM refer to as ‘Wow Factor’.

“Our PufferSphere certainly provides ‘Wow Factor’, it’s in the centre of a long thoroughfare stretching through the building, so it’s visible from both the front and rear entrance, drawing people towards the very centre of our Sales Centre.”

Ronan Devins – Campus Technology Manager

A beacon for IBM’s past achievements and future developments, the PufferSphere allows clients and colleagues visiting the campus to explore how IBM has increased efficiency, optimised workflows and delivered improved results to clients around the world.

Utilising a number of template applications, such as a customisable interactive globe, multi-buttons video carousel and interactive video players; the team at IBM have the ability to update and refresh the display to show new projects as and when they come online, without the need for custom formatting or third party content partners.

The largest multi-language client engagement centre IBM has anywhere in the world, the new building, work ethos and collaborative technology used within, provides a new and impressive watermark for the IBM brand and the business they do.

We are therefore hugely proud to have been able to contribute to the fantastic new space in what is a pivotal moment for IBM as they approach and tackle a new age in digital sales.

Many thanks to the team at IBM Dublin and Donal Murphy Photography for their photos.

Kit List: Interactive PufferSphere M760

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