Pufferfish Go Stargazing

For the second year in a row, Pufferfish are very excited to be going Stargazing as part of the brilliant BBC Stargazing Live programme, to be broadcast live from Jodrell Bank Observatory over the next three evenings.

In-keeping with our second year contributing to the production, Pufferfish has added a second interactive PufferSphere to the set to add even more spherical magic to the production.

Joined by space royalty, the PufferSpheres will be in the illustrious company of the second man to ever walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, as well as presenters Dara O'Briain and Brian Cox.

In conversation with Buzz about his Apollo 11 mission as well as his take on what the next frontier in space exploration holds, the shows also focus on the upcoming solar eclipse due to take place on Friday the 20th of March.

Highlighting the Apollo landing sites on an interactive version of the moon, as well as showcasing the coverage and stages of the eclipse on our interactive globe, the shows promise to be fascinating and we are extremely excited that our PufferSpheres will add a level of explanation and interactivity to the show.

Tune in on BBC2 at 8pm this evening for the first of three episodes. You can view the upcoming schedule for further broadcasts here.

Kit List: Interactive: 2x Interactive PufferSphere M600

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