PufferSphere 3D

This week sees the first showing of our prototype PufferSphere 3D spherical display at Laval Virtual, France. The beta-phase PufferSphere M 3D is a volumetric display technology capable of physicalizing 3D digital objects in the real world, bringing them out of the screen and into the room in a way that has been largely the realm of science fiction.

We have now taken the leap forward in combining our proprietary spherical touch technology with stereoscopic 3D projection and head-tracking, allowing us to realise a true volumetric display.

The viewer can now walk around, tilt their head, squat down underneath, lean over, step back, consider and assess a 3D object, all the while communicating with friends, colleagues or sales staff in a natural physical environment.

The technology has been described as "better than could be imagined" by key technology partners, Barco and Vicon Ltd.

Although still to move beyond the prototype phase, Pufferfish envision potential longer term applications in:

  • 3D Design Processes
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Retail
  • Museums and Heritage
  • Marketing
  • Leisure and Experience

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