Transformational Business Awards

How do you showcase amazing and groundbreaking projects, designed to optmise and improve life in both the developing and developed world? This was the question that the Financial Times and the IFC were posed with, and a question we were thrilled to help them answer.

Using our PufferSphere to create an interactive world for the Transformational Business Awards in London, guests were able to communally browse and touch into any of the 31 nominated projects spread over the globe and watch a short video highlighting the innovation and initiative that each nominee project promoted.

The tenth anniversary of the awards, the interactive PufferSphere M600 display acted as a great way to allow guests to get closer to the awards and recognise the exciting work that all 31 projects had delivered.

Very pleased to have been involved and add some interactivity to the awards, our thanks go to the World Bank and the organising teams behind the event at both the Financial Times and the IFC for including us in a great evening.

Kit List: High Resolution Interactive PufferSphere M600

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