Esri User Conference 2015

We chose the Esri User Conference in San Diego during the last week of July to showcase our latest product, which integrates our interactive PufferSphere solution with ArcGIS to allow users to plot, output, and showcase global GIS data in an intuitive globe format.

A fantastic opportunity to showcase our new work with Esri, Pufferfish Managing Director, Geoff Kell attended the show and is excited by both the enthusiasm of those he met and the prospects for the future from the show.

“The Esri user conference was a topline opportunity to showcase our latest PufferSphere display in front of an informed and engaged audience. Most important of all were the connections we made with potential end users and with data generators.

The event provided the opportunity to meet a surprising number and variety of organisations and institutions who already use ArcGIS to plot and publish their global GIS data, and who see great potential in using our display as an intuitive output for this.

It was fantastic to find that this enthusiasm was also shared by data-generators such as AccuWeather and NASA, who produce swathes of hugely interesting and exciting global data-sets that can now be published directly to the PufferSphere.

Having been awarded ‘Best Developer Project’ at the May UK user Conference and been accepted on to the prestigious Esri Startup Program, we’re hugely excited about the possibilities opened by our work with the ArcGIS API.”

ArcGIS Integration - Interactive PufferSphere M600

On-Sphere Pinch Zoom - Interactive PufferSphere M600

Utilising the interactive capabilities of the sphere, users of this latest product are able to zoom in on web maps using an on-sphere ‘pinch zoom’ gesture. The addition of an on-sphere menu of curated maps also permits users to retain their zoom and location whilst flipping between maps, allowing for deeper analysis of locations through varied map overlays.

ArcGIS Integration - Interactive PufferSphere M600

PufferSphere Split for Multiple Users - Interactive PufferSphere M600

Designed for multiple simultaneous users, the globe is split into three independently controlled segments, each with identical functionality. Users can then navigate their own globe, zooming into locations and switching their map view, whilst two other users have the opportunity to be viewing and analysing the same locations whilst having a collaborative discussion or, alternatively, exploring entirely different maps and areas of the world in their own segment.

Utilising the ArcGIS JavaScript API, along with Pufferfish's custom rendering pipeline, for distortion free representation of maps on the display, we are very excited about our new offering and the future updates we are planning.

“Being at ESRI User Conference, in addition to demonstrating the current capability of this product also allowed us to share our future development plans with fellow attendees. These include developments which will see us integrate both ‘Feature’ and ‘Stream’ layers from ArcGIS with our display.

The power of ArcGIS isn’t just about the map, but about the dynamic data within it. Further opening the ArcGIS API allows us to facilitate the exploration of deeper level data, through our unique interface.”

Geoff Kell - Managing Director

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