Fleet Street Goes Global

The Guardian utilised a PufferSphere M with interactivity to present their ‘Digital Upfront’ event as part of a series of events hosted by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), showcasing premium digital advertisers.

The presentation offered an up close and personal insight into the digital future for news brands, so it seemed only fitting to deliver their content on an innovative and exciting medium such as the PufferSphere. IAB’s ‘Digital Upfronts’ series itself saw the UK’s leading content creators, media owners and tech companies all vying for attention and space in the ever-growing digital marketplace. Incorporating the PufferSphere provided The Guardian with the ‘wow” factor and the scope to break away from the usual death-by-PowerPoint approach, keeping the audience of advertisers and agencies on their toes.

A simple globe interface allowed expert presenters to tap into different global territories, pull up stats on the most popular brands in the region and drill down even further into the specifics of how the data was sourced.

Ideal for delivering an informal presentation with panache at an evening event, the PufferSphere provided a digital touchstone to underline key messages and prompt conversation, but also created a magnetic destination within the busy networking space.

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