The Big Picture


Delegates from 27 countries recently attended Visualisation Week with The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWFat which Pufferfish showcased the world’s first commercially available spherical touch screen.

Alongside next-generation imaging and visualisation techniques the interactive PufferSphere M display offered an ideal space for the visualisation of ‘big picture’ meteorological data. Over five days of events, presentations and workshops the PufferSphere was also utilised to demonstrate processes such as ‘El Nino’ and global warming impacting on local weather systems.

Ben Allan, Marketing Manager at Pufferfish commented;

“Visualisation Week attracted delegates from around the world, all specialists in the field of Meteorological Visualisation, so proved an excellent opportunity for us to connect with experts working in this area.

For many of the guests this wasn't the first spherical display that they had seen, but the visual quality and touch interactivity of the PufferSphere added something transformative to the experience. We had some excellent conversations around the potential for outreach and engagement activities with the display. Being able to showcase some of the data generated by the ECMWF was a big hit with the staff.

The event also provided the opportunity for us to understand more about the way meteorologists generate data, and the shape of the tools we could provide to facilitate easy and meaningful visualisations for use in the research process itself. In terms of using the displays in that environment there is huge of potential for collaboration and we’re excited to see how this develops.”

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