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By nature we British tend not to blow our own trumpets too loudly but the UK is a growing international business hub, increasingly playing host to industry leaders from around the world. The PufferSphere has seen it's fair share of cosmopolitan events in recent months.

World Forum on Natural Capital

Organised by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, in association with its partners UNEPIUCNWBCSD; Natural Capital Coalition and The Wildlife Trusts. The World Forum on Natural Capital is one of the most pioneering and exciting conferences anywhere in the world. With an ever-increasing population, the natural world is facing overwhelming pressure to support human life. Not only will this have profound consequences for society but it will also have a major impact on the global economy. The World Forum on Natural Capital aimed to reframe nature as the solution to global challenges, rather than a part of the problem and highlight that our future economic successes completely depends on functioning, healthy ecosystems.

It was fantastic to see a Scottish organisation leading the world and rallying the international business community to evaluate and understand the true value of our natural environment.  We at Pufferfish wanted to do what we could to support the conference when we heard it would be happening in our back garden.

The team at the Scottish Wildlife Trust wanted to find a way to help delegates get up to speed with research from around the world, which was attempting to put a monetary value on the environment that is disappearing around us  to help solve our economic and environmental problems. The PufferSphere M 600 interactive displays offered a unique platform for developing a series of browse-able digital globes which could be positioned throughout the networking space, inviting delegates to explore the narrative together located on an interactive globe. This engagement aimed to building understanding, fuel conversation, facilitate networking and debate.

Accompanying the PufferSphere M displays, and extending the event branding across the space was the new PufferSphere Pro display, our super-charged reworking of our original inflatable PufferSphere XL display. The new Pro display features twice the brightness of the original and proved the perfect tool for creating impact via a 2m sphere which sat above the crowd, showcasing stunning natural footage from acclaimed filmmaker John Lui. The PufferSphere Pro also offered a medium through which the organisers could showcase their gratitude to their many sponsors.

Bruce Wilson, Natural Capital Projects Manager at the Scottish Wildlife Trust said:

“The team at Pufferfish were enthusiastic about our event and invaluable in helping us to understand how we could best use their technology to deliver core messaging to our delegates.

They worked closely with our designers and researchers to deliver an experience, which was both on-brand, and on-message. Our delegates loved the interactive globes and they proved to be a great icebreaker. Using the large format sphere alongside the smaller units really gave us the best of both worlds and allowed us to make a huge impact in the space. The team really supported our vision for the forum and exceeded all of our expectations.

For us these displays really provided the ideal centrepiece that elevated the main networking space and really made this the world class event we aimed to deliver”

World Forum on Natural Capital - Edinburgh 2015 from Pufferfish on Vimeo.


As the global leader in mobile satellite communications, Inmarsat’s annual developer conference represents an opportunity for the company to connect with their developer community. Pufferfish were engaged by Inmarsat to create a destination space at the 2016 gathering - their largest to date - in London.

 The team wanted to draw developers in, give them a chance to explore the new offerings and provide the opportunity for conversation and engagement. Two interactive PufferSphere M displays provided interactive portals, displaying the event logo. The logo took the form of a nodal network with each node rotatable by touch. Users could explore each node and click to discover a new service or solution.

 To draw the crowds from across the room, and provide the all-important wow factor a 2m PufferSphere Pro display was located centrally on the stand amidst the M units. The height of the display insured it could be seen by all across the space, designed to capture attention and draw footfall towards the interactive M units. The large sphere displayed a selection of video elements, sometimes echoing the nodal-branding of the PufferSphere Ms, at others becoming a globe on which Inmarsat’s own global tracking systems generated the flight-paths of air traffic around the world.

A different app was employed in the evening as delegates enjoyed the chance to network and socialise – this one a multi-user game, a sort of spherical whack-a-mole. With objects able to appear anywhere around the sphere, guests had to be on their toes and prepared to get physical in this novel knock-out.


Pufferfish were delighted to find our first opportunity to work with our London friends Engage in their new Dubai-based operation. At the World Government Summit each year, government officials, thought leaders, thinkers, policy makers and private sector leaders from across the globe meet to discuss the best ways to develop the future of government, based on the latest developments and future trends in government under the auspices of the Prime Minister's Office.

Event organisers Publicis Live tasked Engage with delivering key digital touch points, one of which was an interactive globe built using a PufferSphere M 600 HR interactive display. The display was integrated into a custom housing to bring it into line with the architecture in the event-space, whilst the content was put together by the talented team from Engage around Pufferfish’s template digital globe application, which allows designers an easy, graphic-only workflow, handling all of the complexities pertaining to the spherical shape within the software. The event was supported by Pufferfish’s trusted local partner Marie-Claire Elhedery of Digital Mood, who has been instrumental in opening up recent availability of our products and services within the UAE.

Scottish Thistle Awards 

Pufferfish were delighted to collaborate with Visit Scotland to support the 2016 Thistle Awards at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. As the agency tasked with showcasing this wonderful country we call home to the rest of the world, Visit Scotland work tirelessly to bring visitors to experience the best Scotland has to offer.

Of course, the stunning quality that Scotland has to offer our international guests is in no small part down to the individuals and businesses who make that possible, and recognising that effort, care and attention is what the Scottish Thistle Awards are all about.

Two interactive PufferSphere M 600 displays offered guests the opportunity to explore the awards categories and browse the nominees up for each award. Spaced throughout the reception space, the displays provided the ideal medium for fostering conversation as rival nominees checked out the competition. Meanwhile as the guests descended the escalator to the EICC’s beautiful champagne bar, they were greeted by a super-size PufferSphere Pro display showcasing the event sponsors and stunning footage of Scotland’s natural wonders, engineering marvels and cultural touchstones.

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