International Liver Congress 2016

Sirius Events utilised the new PufferPrime API to create a custom integration of a PufferSphere M 600 display with a separate touch screen for the International Liver Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The PufferSphere and Pufferprime API were employed to create an engaging exhibit which also provided a conduit for attracting input, feedback and data-gathering from conference attendees. PufferPrime makes it easy to integrate the PufferSphere into existing software workflows, handling all the complex spherical elements and leaving the developers free to build in their own preferred workflows.

The application developed allowed users to answer questions relating to their own experiences in treating and caring for patients with HCV, answers were provided on the flat touch screen and once the guest had completed the survey a flag was raised on the globe over the location of their practice, gradually building an active visualisation of the combined efforts of conference attendees in eradicating the virus.


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