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Recent projects with AT&T at The Tribeca Film Festival, UAE mobile experts Du, at CABSAT 2016, and Liverpudlian art installation Big Mouth demonstrated that the PufferSphere can serve as a remarkable communication tool, bringing conversation to life, telling stories and extracting secrets.

AT&T - Tribeca Film Festival 2016

Almost half a million people attended events over 11 days as  ‘Tribeca Film Festival’ kicked off again for 2016. As Presenting Sponsor, AT&T was committed to supporting the art of filmmaking through access and innovation, aiming to make it the most interactive film festival anywhere. The U.S. mobile giant wanted visitors to experience the festival in ways they never imagined. In this spirit, AT&T teamed up with Pufferfish to create an installation using ground-breaking technology at the Festival Hub.

Open throughout the festival, over 11 days in New York, the theme of the hub for 2016 was to offer a glimpse into the future of the rapidly changing world of storytelling. The PufferSphere M 600 was aptly placed in a space with virtual reality, interactive installations, films, TV, and talks with the best storytellers in the world. Employed in 360° digital storytelling the PufferSphere enthralled filmmakers and fans alike with stunning visuals and on-sphere touch.

Du - CABSAT 2016

UAE mobile communications superstars Du, harnessed the power of the interactive PufferSphere M 600 to create a unique draw to their stand at CABSAT 2016. Using the new PufferPrime API, the Pufferfish team built an application supporting two independent user journeys on the sphere at the same time. The powerful API allows two separate and independent instances of the app to run simultaneously, one on each side.

Presenting users with a carousel menu, users could choose to view maps of Du’s coverage, watch videos about the company’s impressive growth and delve deeper into the depths of the services and solutions that the company currently offer.

MeYouandUs – Big Mouth

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde.

This quote sums up the idea behind the art installation ‘Big Mouth’. MeYouandUs is a media arts practice creating artworks that are intended to act as interventions in public spaces, encouraging interaction from the public.

‘Big Mouth’ was one of four new public realm artworks commissioned by Metal Liverpool and part of a wider exhibition of “Liverpool Provocations” presented in and around Liverpool city centre.

MeYouandUs approached Pufferfish as they felt the PufferSphere would help them realise the artistic vision of the project, which involved recording close-ups of people’s mouths while they shared their thoughts on what was wrong with their world. People made their confessions on a megaphone while footage of their mouth was played on the PufferSphere. Animated demons were then viewable through the eyepiece on the side of the installation with the mouth visual superimposed on them and served as a ‘worry doll’ consuming the participants worries and fears.

The PufferSphere M was incorporated into the outdoor installation as interactivity was key. The PufferSphere was also incremental in drawing the public to the installation, turning curiosity into participation.

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