The Puffer's Guide to the Galaxy

Don’t panic, the PufferSphere adds a new and exciting dimension to intergalactic planetary exploration without the need for spacesuits. With a range of collaborators from the diverse worlds of research, entertainment and tourism, we recently focused our attentions on the cosmos.

Royal Observatory Edinburgh 

Pufferfish were delighted to be able support our hometown stargazers at the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh with their popular open days. Organisers took the public on a journey through the cosmos via multi-media platforms. Enticed by the theme of Weird New Worlds over 3000 people joined staff to explore the work of the observatory, the Institute of Astronomy and the UK Astronomy Technology Centre across two days of activities and experiments.

Pufferfish provided a PufferSphere M 600 High-Res interactive display, with a selection of interactive exhibits allowing guests to explore the surface, topography and composition of planets and moons throughout our solar system. Experts from the observatory were helpfully on hand to guide attendees through the cosmos via the unique platform of the interactive sphere.

 Stargazing Live

Pufferfish blasted off again with BBC’s ‘Stargazing Live’ for another exciting set of programmes in 2016. Joining the production for the third consecutive year, the interactive PufferSphere M unit was integrated into the live studio set as a demonstration tool as Dara O’Briain and Professor Brian Cox broadcast from Jodrell Bank Observatory in January.

Over the past three years the presenters have engaged the PufferSphere as an educational tool, using its interactivity to explore astronomic concepts with the viewers. January’s episodes focused on the activities of the International Space Station. Running over four consecutive nights, the studio linked up live with British astronaut Tim Peake who discussed his time in space aboard the ISS and covered his first spacewalk. The series has reignited the viewing public’s fascination with space since ‘The Sky at Night’ vacated BBC ONE in 2013. Recently nominated for a TV BAFTA - we’re keeping our fingers crossed and our eyes to the skies that the stellar team at Stargazing Live scoop the prize in May.

Astronomical Society of Edinburgh 

After our stellar reception at the Royal Observatory’s Open Days in September, Pufferfish were delighted to be invited join the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh for a packed day of astronomical activities at the National Museum of Flight at East Fortune Airfield in East Lothian. Nestled under a wing of the iconic Concorde aircraft, a PufferSphere M 600 High Res display made for an intuitive and engaging talking point.

An interactive Mars exhibit formed the basis of the presentation; groups and families were able to explore the red planet by rotating the map of Mars, accessing landing sites, topography and composition maps, and triggering hot spots locating key features and evidence of geological processes.

Edinburgh International Science Festival

We were thrilled to have the PufferSphere employed as part of EISF’s diverse programme of events. The two-week festival celebrating science and technology is one of Europe’s largest. At the National Museum of Scotland Prof. Andy Lawrence used the PufferSphere to create a digital campfire and take attendees on an immersive journey through the universe for 'Lost in Space 3D'.

Using music, words, and 3D graphics Prof. Lawrence answered questions like “what is it like to be human in a vast and violent universe?” and  “deep in the Milky Way, with rocks raining on the Earth, are we just pointless specks of dust?” To which we hope the answer was a resounding no.

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