PufferSphere Parties with the Twitterati

Pufferfish teamed up with Strong and Co for a stunning installation of a PufferSphere at the super secret Twitter Live event held at a location in London in April 2016. The event celebrated ten years of Twitter and showcased exciting new social technologies, providing the perfect platform for Twitter to showcase the products that make up the Twitter-verse.

One such product is the Vorb video community. The PufferSphere Pro was employed to create a living embodiment of the Vorb and to form a stunning centrepiece for the event. The Vorb pulls together video content around a single hashtag, giving users the opportunity to curate content around a particular POV. The PufferSphere was positioned as an eye-catching display above the heads of the revellers but was also tilted towards a gangway, which allowed people to get up close and personal with its content.

Lucky attendees of the event, which featured other fun installations such as a garden swing connected to Periscope and a beer dispensing mind-controlled robot, were entertained by Snakehips and French pop star Petite Meller. The attendees were invited to engage socially to create interesting interactions and content around the Twitter Live hashtag.

Photography by Philip Durrant.

Find out more about Vorb here.

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