PufferSphere Meets TED

‘A Disruptive World’ was the theme at the inaugural Tedx Glasgow, which took place on the 3rd June, and what could be more disruptive to a flagship event than a full-scale evacuation of the building?

So, we Puffers did what any self-respecting caffeine addict would do and took advantage of the delay in proceedings to head for our morning coffee with sirens blaring and hundreds of eager delegates queuing on the streets of Glasgow for access to the event

Post-disruption we returned to our spot on ‘Innovation Avenue’ where the PufferSphere was housed alongside some equally innovative technology. The interactive exhibit was the brainchild of The Data Lab, whose remit is to enable industry, public sector and world-class university researchers to innovate and develop new data science capabilities in a collaborative environment.

The space featured innovative Scottish-born technologies, the presence of which was intended to promote collaboration within the context of Tedx and inspire future innovators.









We were honoured to have been one of the few selected by The Data Lab to thrill attendees with our wares. Our PufferSphere M600 was a hit with delegates and speakers alike, deftly demonstrating the synergy of 360° video and spherical display

In between showcasing the PufferSphere and a host of versatile content we took the time to explore the other interesting tech on site, in particular our Edinburgh neighbours Luma3di and Neatebox.

The event wrapped up in a less disruptive fashion than it had kicked off in the morning, with the takeaway message from being that we should all learn to embrace disruption and perhaps we’ll find a unique order in the chaos after all.

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