Pufferfish Ltd develops dynamic digital display systems and offers a full range of media services to compliment our products. Our mission is to produce and provide unique multimedia platforms that are practical, innovative and reliable.

Our specialist spherical display systems, PufferSpheres, constitute a unique range of easy-to-deploy full 360-degree viewing windows suitable for use across a wide range of industries and applications. From large scale live production to intimate bijou events, experiential branding to innovative advertising and research to education, we are always looking for opportunities to introduce more people to a different way of thinking about the use of video in public.

As well as providing commercial solutions, we remain actively engaged in artistic and scientific research projects. These partnerships allow us to explore and develop the diversity of our applications and the possibilities for our products. By fostering such innovation and successfully deploying it commercially, we have built a wealth of specialist experience within the company and an expert and enthused community around us.

Whatever your application, Pufferfish are here to take conventional perceptions and expectations and turn them on their head. What’s more we’ll make it our mission to ensure that you find enjoyment as well as success in what we achieve together.

If you have a project you would like to discuss with us, or simply want to explore possibilities, we’ll be keen to hear from you so please do get in touch.