PufferSphere Parties with the Twitterati

Pufferfish teamed up with Strong and Co for a stunning installation of a PufferSphere at the super secret Twitter Live event held at a location in London in April 2016. The event celebrated ten years of Twitter and showcased exciting new social technologies, providing the perfect platform for Twitter to showcase the products that make up the Twitter-verse.

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Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.05.29

International Liver Congress 2016

Sirius Events utilised the new PufferPrime API to create a custom integration of a PufferSphere M 600 display with a separate touch screen for the International Liver Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

PufferSphere M at Oxfam's offices in London for ITC4D week

Captive Audiences

Seeking a means to literally stop people in their tracks for precious brand engagement time, globally renowned charity Oxfam, award-winning creative agency Mother and tech game changers Argon Design, all looked to the PufferSphere for arresting visuals and content to draw in an audience.

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Studio Noc

The Swedish Connection

Pufferfish collaborated with Stockholm-based StudioNoc to welcome esteemed guests and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden to a one-of-a-kind awards event in the historic surroundings of the City’s Stadshuset.


Fleet Street Goes Global

The Guardian utilised a PufferSphere M with interactivity to present their ‘Digital Upfront’ event as part of a series of events hosted by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), showcasing premium digital advertisers.

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McKinsey Innovation Forum

Cutting-Edge Ribbon Cutting

In today’s interconnected world of commerce and business, the globe is a potent emblem of any multinational business’s reach. So it was apt that instead of cutting a ribbon when the big moment came, the PufferSphere put a new twist on the traditional ceremony.

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Data Visualisation on the PufferSphere M

The Big Picture

ECMWF Delegates from 27 countries recently attended Visualisation Week with The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) at which Pufferfish showcased the world’s first commercially available spherical touch screen.

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