McKinsey Innovation Forum

Cutting-Edge Ribbon Cutting

In today’s interconnected world of commerce and business, the globe is a potent emblem of any multinational business’s reach. So it was apt that instead of cutting a ribbon when the big moment came, the PufferSphere put a new twist on the traditional ceremony.

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Interactive PufferSphere with ArcGIS Integration

Esri User Conference 2015

We chose the Esri User Conference in San Diego during the last week of July to showcase our latest product, which integrates our interactive PufferSphere solution with ArcGIS to allow users to plot, output, and showcase global GIS data in an intuitive globe format.

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Sunken Ripples - Interactive PufferSphere & IMAX Screen

Sunken Ripples

Science met art in a spectacular installation at the 2015 Glasgow Film Festival.

Interactive PufferSphere in the IBM Inside Sales Centre - Dublin, Ireland

IBM - Inside Sales Centre Europe

Moving to a new home in their Dublin campus, the Inside Sales team at IBM took delivery of an interactive PufferSphere M760 which was joined by the best and brightest minds employed from all over Europe in a truly futuristic setting.

Ernst & Young use an interactive PufferSphere to showcase their market insights to attendees of the 2014 CBI Conference

EY - Business in a Ball

Joining titans of industry as well as the elite of the political world, an interactive PufferSphere was used by Ernst & Young at yesterday’s CBI Annual Conference to convey their business insight and research in a fresh and engaging format.

Hanging PufferSphere 1.2m - Our Dynamic Earth

Our Dynamic Earth

Although based in Edinburgh, working in Scotland is still a relatively rare treat for the PufferTeam, with our projection spheres regularly taking us thousands of miles across the globe. Recently though, we were excited to buck the trend and add our Puffer-Touch a bit closer to home!

Interactive Spherical Display in the Escher Museum

Escher Museum

Celebrating the life and works of the iconic Dutch artist M.C. Escher, the ‘Escher in het Paleis’ museum in The Hague is a treasure trove of drawings, carvings and interactive experiences all focused around the often mathematical inspired impossible structures and scenes which Escher is famous for.