The PufferSphere competing for attention with the stars at Tribeca

Talking Points

Recent projects with AT&T at The Tribeca Film Festival, UAE mobile experts Du, at CABSAT 2016, and Liverpudlian art installation Big Mouth demonstrated that the PufferSphere can serve as a remarkable communication tool, bringing conversation to life, telling stories and extracting secrets.

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PufferSphere M at Oxfam's offices in London for ITC4D week

Captive Audiences

Seeking a means to literally stop people in their tracks for precious brand engagement time, globally renowned charity Oxfam, award-winning creative agency Mother and tech game changers Argon Design, all looked to the PufferSphere for arresting visuals and content to draw in an audience.

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PufferSphere M inspiring curiosity at The Royal Observatory

The Puffer's Guide to the Galaxy

Don’t panic, the PufferSphere adds a new and exciting dimension to intergalactic planetary exploration without the need for spacesuits. With a range of collaborators from the diverse worlds of research, entertainment and tourism, we recently focused our attentions on the cosmos.

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Delegates interacting with the PufferSphere M at The World Forum on Natural Capital

Hands Across the World

By nature we British tend not to blow our own trumpets too loudly but the UK is a growing international business hub, increasingly playing host to industry leaders from around the world. The PufferSphere has seen it's fair share of cosmopolitan events in recent months.

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Fleet Street Goes Global

The Guardian utilised a PufferSphere M with interactivity to present their ‘Digital Upfront’ event as part of a series of events hosted by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), showcasing premium digital advertisers.

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McKinsey Innovation Forum

Cutting-Edge Ribbon Cutting

In today’s interconnected world of commerce and business, the globe is a potent emblem of any multinational business’s reach. So it was apt that instead of cutting a ribbon when the big moment came, the PufferSphere put a new twist on the traditional ceremony.

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Data Visualisation on the PufferSphere M

The Big Picture

ECMWF Delegates from 27 countries recently attended Visualisation Week with The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) at which Pufferfish showcased the world’s first commercially available spherical touch screen.

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