Data Visualisation on the PufferSphere M

The Big Picture

ECMWF Delegates from 27 countries recently attended Visualisation Week with The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) at which Pufferfish showcased the world’s first commercially available spherical touch screen.

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Magnum Infinity - Sensory Pod

Magnum Infinity - Sensory Pod

Ever wondered just how much you enjoy eating ice cream? Well thanks to a clever project from Jotta, you need wonder no more…

Satis & Fy Kinder Egg

Kinder Surprise

“Mummy I want!” says the precocious child, “chocolate, fun and a surprise too”…well we don’t know about chocolate…

projected eyeball on PufferSphere M

Eye See You

Hats off to our clever friends at Earthware and The Technology Studio on their freaky eyeball tracking Kinect hack! Using the motion tracking capabilities of the Microsoft Kinect and combining them with a PufferSphere M 600 they created an eyeball that will follow you round the room. Having posted the video on youtube they found themselves inundated with requests to make a version featuring the firey Eye of Sauron – and dutifully obliged.  Once the videos hit Engadget,  Gizmodo and other tech blogs, they racked up a staggering 370,000 views in a few days – undoubtedly the most viewed PufferSphere video ever!  

PufferSphere M projection sphere behind window

Ogilvy showcase PufferSphere M

Pufferfish teamed up with Ogilvy, the global creative agency, to introduce leading brands to the potential of the PufferSphere M. The PufferSphere M has been on show at the Ogilvy London office in partnership with Ogilvy’s Digital Innovation Lab, and last week joined the Ogilvy stand at the Media Pro trade show. Ogilvy Digital Labs have been focusing on the possibilities the displays present for the up-coming London Olympics.  Business Director Joo Teoh is a firm advocate, "London needs PufferSpheres all over the city during the Olympics. With multi-touch functionality and online content, these will be the most engaging and fun pieces for visitors and Londoners. I would certainly recommend...

PufferSphere XL H 900 at Inspace

PufferPartnership Commended

Pufferfish were nominated for an Arts & Business Scotland New or Returning Sponsor Award in association with the Scottish Government for our sponsored partnership with the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics.  The company were awarded a special commendation at the award ceremony in Glasgow, and would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Arts and Business Scotland, the Scottish Government and, of course, our wonderful partners, the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics.  We have been privileged to work with Prof Jon Oberlander, Dr Mark Wright and Mark Daniels of New Media Scotland over the past year and look forward to continuing to build our partnership over the...

PufferSphere M and XL with content via Coolux Pandoras Box

Coolux Pandoras PufferSphere

Pufferfish are very excited to announce a new compatibility with Coolux Pandora’s Box Player and Server solutions. The Pandoras solution is the latest addition to the growing range of media serving solutions for the PufferSphere. The Server offers a full polar warp for the PufferSphere via a dedicated work flow using true spherical mapping and a bespoke camera field of view, allowing full polar rotation, whilst the Player offers cost effective realtime ‘spherising’ on a standard PC including axial rotation – both deliver the kind of intuitive and well thought out control we’ve all come to expect from Helmut, Harry and the Coolux team! Click on the image above to...